The most exciting Alternative super group has come! With members of The White Stripes, The Kills, Queens Of The Stone Age, The Raconteurs, and The Greenhornes, how could it not be amazing!?

They blew away House Of Blues alongside The Ettes. Now don't you want to see what the greatest musical entity to come out of this decade is like!?
The Ettes were the most impressive opening band I've seen in a long time. They all stood right out front in a line, so that every member was visible. It was an interesting combination, because none of them looked like they would share much in musical interests. The singer seemed like a light hearted southern girl, the guitarist seemed more of a Metal fan, The drummer a rougher genre like Punk, and the Bassist looked like an Alternative man, yet they sounded more unified than even some legendary bands. They played a faster up-beat Punky Garage mix. They all played very well, especially the drummer(I can't believe they held up through the set she was so intense) despite some things one nearby critic said... The only thing that seemed lacking was they didn't get the lighting that they deserved, but the band themselves were spot-on!

The Dead Weather came out with what seemed like all lights blaring, but considering the song hadn't even picked up yet being 30 seconds in, it was apparent that this was just a taste of the intensity ahead. Suddenly, a stronger drum beat started, signaling what looked like a blinding blue inferno over the stage, and most of the crowd too. Beneath the intense lighting you could see, or at least hear that every instrument had been kicked into overdrive. The drums were pounding twice as hard, Alison was wrenching every bit of might into her vocals while standing on an amp, or the stage's end, the guitar was buzzing sharper than a knife, and then the Bass was so powerful it would displace your hair with every pluck(Yeah, no, I'm not kidding at all). After the first song was finished they slowed down(relatively anyway) with "60 Foot Tall", and "So Far From Your Weapon", followed by Jack White himself coming out from behind the drums to sing half of one song, by this point nearly the only form of lighting was all the cameras flashing, as he stood at the utmost end of the stage. After the song was over Jack resumed his position behind the Drums, only coming out for a Guitar performance later in the show on "Will There Be Enough Water"

The bipolar lights resumed full on for the next set of songs, but this time they were far less intense than the band was. They played "Hang You From The Heavens", "Rocking Horse", "Bone House"(featuring Alison on Marracas), along with a few new songs which were introduced by one of the few times the band broke from the performance to talk. They played the mentioned "Will There Be Enough Water", before leaving the stage... Only to be called back all of 30 seconds later by the rabid fans clapping and yelling, which was almost as loud as the band itself. They opened back up with "Cut Like A Buffalo", and ended on "Treat Me Like your Mother". With a calm and collective bow, they all waved and left the stage.
Now, go check out the band for yourself... Pictures!


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