The spuds are back after canceling their appearance at Austin's Fun Fun Fun Fest due to a nasty hand injury. This time they've brought the word of De-evolution to Houston!

The time is now! The time for DEV-O!

The Octopus Project put on a show that was as much visual as it was audio. Neon colored lighting was strung all across the stage, including in drums and on amps. Behind the band was a screen used to play projected videos that managed to make the lighting somehow seem monotone. The band played hypnotic Electronic Indie with mostly instrumental songs. A wide range of instruments were used including an odd Moog synthesizer that was operated purely by hand motions held above it. While each member generally had their own area on stage, they would frequently switch roles and instruments during songs. The Octopus Project are probably one the weirdest band's you'll see. It seems only natural being from Austin!

Devo was met with a full venue of some 1500+ eager spuds of nearly all age ranges. Once the lights went dim, every soul directed their attention to the giant light screen. Showing famous clips and images of the last 33 years of Devo's career, it got a bit of applause on its own. Soon the screen was blocked by silhouettes, and the lights changed to dawn the images of their recent video "Don't Shoot, I'm A Man". The band was then lit up revealing their new silver outfits. They went through somewhere near 5 songs, before finally taking a moment to breathe and greet the rabid audience(who were in a complete frenzy by now). Over the course of the show they took two short intermissions to change into different clothes including the famous "Yellow Paper suits", and a more basic one featuring the new grilled hot dog T-shirt. They boasted that Charlie Sheen's "goddesses" designed them, followed by some obvious but equally necessary references to the star's recent rants. The song list included a wide variety of songs with lots of hits like: "Peek-A-Boo", The newest hit "Fresh", Girl U Want", "Whip It"(the obvious must!), "Satisfaction"(which saw Mark on guitar for some beginning noise), the anthemic "Jocko Homo", Mongoloid(with Mark as a cheerlead, and many more. There were also a number of great unexpected songs like: "Planet Earth", "Going Under", and their unique rendition of "Secret Agent Man".

Probably the most unexpected event of the night happened during the encore. After a rocking performance of "Freedom Of Choice" with a meteoric sized beach ball thrown around in the crowd, the band began to play "Beautiful World" without frontman Mark Motherbaugh. However; by the 2nd verse, the band's moscot/alternate frontman, Booji Boy, came out to take over vocal duties. During Booji's time on-stage he addressed some issues(while the screen plays images of the massive BP oil spill) including Japan, saying he's worried about the kids in all these crazy situations, and "If Godzilla could just wake up. Rise up from the pacific. He could fix everything. If he could just rise up, and walk onto land from the gulf of mexico. He would walk into Houston, rip open the ceiling, and look down at everyone, and say. "It's A Beautiful World". The band finished up the song as Booji Boy threw super balls into the crowd, and finally bid the crowd "Good night".

Devo's set list
As always with such great bands, there's lots more that could be said. Luckily you can see the rest in the Pictures!


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