Some of Austin's(and all of Texas for that matter) coolest Garage Rock Revivalists, The Ugly Beats, are today's review subject! More specifically their second and most recent album "Take A Stand"!

Warning:  The contents of this CD may cause extreme, and vivid flashbacks to the 60's... Can you dig it?

As much as their first album summarizes up-beat Garage Rock, "Take A Stand" sums up the entire range of 60's Garage.

While it's not as fast as the first album, it's just as brilliant. The title track sounds like it could've come straight from their debut(along with a few others), but the range extends far beyond that and even what one would think possible. There's a Kinks flavored number called "Let Me Through", there's an amazingly strong acoustic performance on "Get In Line" which is probably one of the most addictive songs of the album, and there's also some slower and well constructed melancholy tunes to help round out the collection.

Of course some of the traits the band is known for are still present too! That amazingly retro, chirpy keyboard, the hook filled guitar lines, and the simple yet catchy song structure.

Bottom Line:
 If you put this album to vinyl, dumped a suitable amount of dust on it, and stuck it in a record shop it could fool even the hardest die hard 60's Garage Rocker into thinking he found the greatest lost band of the era.
Personal Favorites: "Please see entire Track Listing".

Track Listing:

1. Take a Stand
2. Bring Her Down
3. Million Dollar Man
4. Light Comes On
5. Get in Line
6. I'm Gonna Break Her Heart
7. Action Plus
8. Last Stop
9. You're The One
10. Your Turn to Cry
11. Let Me Through
12. Ain't That Old
You can check out The Ugly Beats on their Official MySpace


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